Double Point Straight Side
200-1600 ton

Sutherland’s EHW plunger-style Double Point Straight Side Presses are by far the most heavy-duty presses available, engineered under the most demanding and exacting standards to deliver unmatched power and precision on the toughest jobs. The EHW is built with a tie rod design frame, using thicker steel members to ensure reliable rigidity and stability. Complementing the sturdy frame is an advanced drivetrain, featuring a back-to-front drive with an eccentric gear drive and double pitmans. These pitmans, one on each side of the eccentric gear drive, align and equalize the tonnage on the pitman journals. The lower sections of the pitmans are connected to plunger guide suspension points for precise, vertical, non-rotational tonnage delivery. Altogether, this unique drivetrain ensures higher rating points and faster speeds without compromising on raw power. The EHW series comes standard with Sutherland’s software-based I-Press AB+ control system with Connected Enterprise capabilities.




  • I-PRESS & automation control
  • MEP Main electrical panel is shock mounted
  • RS T-Stand for full command
  • Hi-def color touch screen
  • Stroke position indicator
  • Brake / Overrun monitor
  • Fault monitoring & display screen
  • Die protection circuits


  • I-PRESS AB PLUS scalable platform (Opt)
  • MOS Master operation station on hanging pendant
  • Encoder based slide position monitor
  • Multi-lingual for all control screens & operation
  • Speed & mode indicator
  • Variable speed drive
  • Programmable & nameable cams
  • Many other cool features, Request I-PRESS manual


  • Hydraulic overload at 110% capacity
  • Keyed HOLP release for un-sticking near BDC
  • Tank & pump at floor level


  • IHI automatic grease lubrication
  • Recirculating Oil Systems (larger presses)
  • IHI electrically monitored lube distribution blocks
  • Bijur automatic air-counter balance oiler


  • Robust fabricated steel frames
  • Frames are stress relieved after welding
  • NTN Bearings on high speed shafts
  • Gears run in self contained oil bath
  • High compression bronze bushings
  • Crankshafts are rated for 150% capacity
  • Three piece connecting rod w/ alloy insert
  • Motorized slide adjustment (66 ton & above)
  • Six & Eight point full length slide guides
  • T-Slotted bolster & slide for die clamping


  • Ross safety lock out valve
  • Frames are stress relieved after welding
  • SMC liquid filled gages
  • SMC regulators & lubricators
  • NOK seals & packing'™s
  • Ross DM series DSV dual safety valve
  • Hi Torque combination clutch & brake
  • Air pressure switch monitored at control
  • Air counter balance cylinder for upper die weight
  • Flywheel brake for safe entry to die area