Compact cast frame are idea for calibrating, trimming, coining, squeezing, extruding and pressurized dwell at the bottom of the stroke. Capacity ranges from 100 to 2000 tons, available in down acting and up acting models. Bolster & slide adapter plate is t-slotted for quick clamping of dies. Slide plate has 4 bush guided rods to keep plate square and level to bolster.



  • I-PRESS AB HYDRO press & automation control
  • I-DRAW software animation for ease of set up
  • Multi-Point Edit Screen allows changes during stroke + position, pressure & speeds for slide & cushion
  • Connected Enterprise Shop Floor to Top Floor - wireless & ethernet 
  • Connects to mobile devices - remote trouble shooting
  • Rockwell AB Safety PLC & Color Panel View Screen
  • 200+ Job Memory with Alpha-Numeric naming
  • ‍Cycle Time Screen to optimize press set up
  • Crash Avoidance Program protects tooling & cushion


  • Servo motor drives high pressure german pump
  • Main tank with filtration, magnets and cleanout panels
  • Prefill valves at top of main cylinders
  • Limited piping, connections and flanges
  • Gun drilled precision manifolds for fluid distribution
  • ‍High pressure testing ports on manifolds
  • ‍Valve action charts, model, pressure & I/O


  • Robust fabricated steel frame are stress relieved
  • Exceeds JIS / Japanese Industrial Hydraulic Standards
  • Micron polished finish cylinder surfaces
  • Standard size seals & packings on all cylinders
  • Slide locking devices are monitored at I-PRESS control
  • Post & gib slide guidance of slide (based on model)
  • T-slotted bolster & slide for quick die clamping
  • Rolling bolsters for quick die change (opt.)
  • Large side windows for automation or die loading


  • Trucking, rigging & foundation upon request
  • Technicians for press start up and training
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs at 6-12 months
  • 3-2-1 Warranty based on multi-shift use