Our Die Tryout / Production press specifications for tonnage, speeds, die area, side openings in frame, slide stroke & daylight, cylinder arrangement, cushions, ejectors, rolling bolsters are considered based on user application. With the I-PRESS AB HYDRO control, servo driven pumps and our Multi-Point edit screen, the user can optimize the motion, pressure & position curves to optimize part output and die life.



  • I-PRESS AB HYDRO press & automation control
  • I-DRAW software animation for ease of set up
  • Multi-Point Edit Screen allows changes during stroke + position, pressure & speeds for slide & cushion
  • Connected Enterprise Shop Floor to Top Floor - wireless & ethernet 
  • Connects to mobile devices - remote trouble shooting
  • Rockwell AB Safety PLC & Color Panel View Screen
  • 200+ Job Memory with Alpha-Numeric naming
  • ‍Cycle Time Screen to optimize press set up
  • Crash Avoidance Program protects tooling & cushion


  • Servo motor drives high pressure german pump
  • Main tank with filtration, magnets and cleanout panels
  • Prefill valves at top of main cylinders
  • Limited piping, connections and flanges
  • Gun drilled precision manifolds for fluid distribution
  • ‍High pressure testing ports on manifolds
  • ‍Valve action charts, model, pressure & I/O


  • Robust fabricated steel frame are stress relieved
  • Exceeds JIS / Japanese Industrial Hydraulic Standards
  • Micron polished finish cylinder surfaces
  • Standard size seals & packings on all cylinders
  • Slide locking devices are monitored at I-PRESS control
  • Post & gib slide guidance of slide (based on model)
  • T-slotted bolster & slide for quick die clamping
  • Rolling bolsters for quick die change (opt.)
  • Large side windows for automation or die loading


  • Trucking, rigging & foundation upon request
  • Technicians for press start up and training
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs at 6-12 months
  • 3-2-1 Warranty based on multi-shift use