Sutherland EHW Stamping Press

Eccentric Plunger Guided Straight Side Presses are by far the strongest and most precise stamping presses the industry has to offer. EHW-660-144-60 at (right) was installed at major US stamping company for producing parts for Honda.

Our EHW (Eccentric-Heavy-Wide Bed) designs take the press building challenge to new levels. As you will see in exploded view cad drawings and photos in this article, we have spared no expense in designing and building the most well balanced press on the market.

Sutherland Eccentric Plunger

Our unique "gears on center line" design places the gears directly over the plunger guides that deliver tonnage vertically to the slide. While this double pitman design cost a bit more, it makes the drive is more balanced than that of other eccentric press builders.

You will also notice that our gears are cast and weight balanced to offset the stroke on the eccentric lobe. We have taken proven designs from Japanese press builders and improved them in precision, strength and smooth running balance.

Sutherland Eccentric Plunger Cut Away

As you can see in the cut away at (right) our high speed pinion gear and intermediate gear provide counter rotating main gears. This is also a design feature for smooth balanced running of the drive. The drive in the crown runs in a self contained oil bath for well lubricated and silent press operation.

HOLP / Hydraulic Overload Pistons are built into the slide body below the plungers. The HOLP System is set at 110% of press capacity to protect the press. The HOLP can also be released at the I-PRESS AB PLUS control that allows un-sticking of dies near BDC / Bottom Dead Center.

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS

The I-PRESS AB PLUS press & automation control with Connected Enterprise is yet another reason the industry is gravitating to Sutherland.

I-PRESS is the most fully featured press control on the market. Built on a Rockwell AB hardware platform with 50% open capacity for future expansion. 200 Job memory, 12 programmable cams, 16 die monitor circuits, tonnage monitor, faults & on screen diagnostics, special modes of operation include, micro inch-single on demand-continuous on demand.

With I-PRESS connected enterprise (photo above) your press can be connected to any remote device from engineering, PC, phones to I-Pads. This feature alone will save you hours / days in loading jobs or trouble shooting. Example, if your operator has too many faults, I-PRESS can send notice to anyone and they can then login from remote device and show the operator live on screen how to make corrective actions.


Sutherland Press Motion Tuning

Sutherland EHW Press

One of our clients that used to purchase Aida PMX Series Link Motion presses (background) has made the change from 200 to 600 ton EHW presses.

After side by side running of duplicate tooling our client found that they had better die life and better parts from the Sutherland EHW Series.


‍The 400 ton (above) and 200 ton at (left) have been out performing Aida presses for over 15 years. We encourage you and your team to take a good hard look at what the EHW Eccentric Plunger Guided presses equipped with the I-PRESS AB PLUS can do for your bottom line.

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Mark Sutherland

President of Sutherland Presses, 36 Years - Senior VP of KC Presses, 5 Years

We are the pioneer of Pacific Rim metal forming lines dating back to the late 1950'™s. We are specialist in Metal Forming, Stamping & Forging processing lines.

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