The recent FABTECH metal forming show in Atlanta was a huge hit for Team Sutherland. Our under power display included three Sutherland Presses and two KC Presses. It was an unusually strong show for attendee traffic. From the minute the show started we were packed with visitors for all three days. Machines on display included: MARK 66 Single Point Gap Frame, MARK 2-121 Double Point Gap Frame, HCP-121 Single Point Straight Side, KC1-88 and KC1-35 Single Point Gap Frame.

We feel that a good part of our success at the show can be attributed to the fact that we presented both our Sutherland and KC press lines as options for customers to select from. The Sutherland line - which is equipped with the I-PRESS multi-lingual automation control - is always a good draw. The KC value line with the new, easy to use Omron safety control drew an equal amount of attention. The KC press line offers cost savings to end users that are looking for a more simple control setup for secondary operations.

Team Sutherland earned orders for six presses during the three day show. Great results by any standards! We would also like to thank the FABTECH and PMA show management for allowing us to show up three days late for our move in date. Due to on-going port delays in Los Angeles all of our presses were delayed in ship off-loading and customs clearance. If not for the cooperation of show management, we would not have been able to have had all five presses at the show.

See us at the upcoming FABTECH metal forming shows in Monterrey Mexico in May of 2015 and Chicago in November 2015.

Mark Sutherland

President of Sutherland Presses, 36 Years - Senior VP of KC Presses, 5 Years

We are the pioneer of Pacific Rim metal forming lines dating back to the late 1950'™s. We are specialist in Metal Forming, Stamping & Forging processing lines.

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