The I-PRESS control was originally developed by Sutherland Presses in 2011. The thinking behind it was to deliver a press & control that would be ready right out of the box for both single hit and automated operations.            


Sutherland I-PRESS

Our I-PRESS Standard (shown at left) is a full featured control with a 7" color touch screen, 6 spare programmable cams, 2 die protection circuits "expandable", brake stopping time, fault indicator, stroke position indicator, counters, multi-lingual screens and more.

The concept was simple, make a control that would allow end users to inter-connect feeders, robots, transfers and other automation. This would prevent end users from having to purchase and add third party controls and safety system and save cost and time. The I-PRESS did exactly what we had hoped for, separated us from the competition in the press industry and provides our customers a better product. Click Here for Testimonials        

Evolution at Sutherland, "How do we make a good product great ?" We decided to step the I-PRESS Standard up a few notches and developed the I-PRESS AB PLUS. Sutherland approached Rockwell Allen Bradley to co-develop the next level in safe press & automation controls.

The outcome (shown below) is the I-PRESS AB PLUS which has it site set on becoming the industry standard.     

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS


This will not replace the I-PRESS Standard as the standard is a lower cost option for smaller presses.        

When you step up to the I-PRESS AB PLUS, you enter a new arena in fully featured, safe press controls. Built on a AB hardware and software platform with Sutherland I-PRESS software and EASY NAV graphics. The control is by far the most intuitive and easy to learn that the industry has to offer. The reasons Sutherland selected Rockwell are, global reach, dependability, expandability and a product line up of hardware that meets all of our customers needs.        

While other control makers give you a base platform and then add on options, we like to refer to these as FEATURE SETS. We build our schematics and wire our electrical cabinets for all features that customers may want now or in the future. Below, we share some of the I-PRESS screens to give you a good understanding of what you can expect when you select the SUTHERLAND I-PRESS AB PLUS.

MAIN RUN SCREEN (below) puts all the information in a heads up display allowing the operator to monitor all key functions. I-PRESS Green EASY NAV button takes you to all navigation screens, this is present on every screen. Stroke Position indicator reduces die set up time and increases safety. OK & Fault monitor display running status and all faults to reduce down time. Five black fields for "Operation, Performance, Counter, Special Modes and Tonnage keep the operator informed. Special Mode allows supervisor level password to select normal mode, SSD Single Stroke on Demand, CSD Continuous on Demand or Micro Inch. The blue hot keys allow quick navigation to Job Memory, Programmable Cams x 12 & Die Protection x 16.

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS

JOB MEMORY SCREEN (below) Our focus was to make this the most intuitive control on the market as you can see below. The blue hot keys allow quick navigation to key screens when setting a new job or modifying and existing.

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS

Die Data area allow user to list best die set up parameters including min & max tonnage settings and the type of stop when tonnage is under or over. with a press of a button you can change this from Ram Stop to Top Stop. Job names are up to 10 digit alpha-numeric. Cams x 12 & Die Protection x 16 are nameable and programmable (see next screens).

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS

PROGRAMMABLE CAMS X 12 (below) When your new press arrives and your automation and accessories are wired in, you can then name each cam for easy identity. You can then turn each cam switch On/Off depending on job set up and adjust the timing degree window for On/Off. Talk about easy to use.

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS

DIE PROTECTION x 16 (below) When your new press arrives and your die protection monitoring devices are wired in, you can then name each 1 of 16 for easy identity. You can then turn each cam switch On/Off depending on job set up and adjust the timing degree window for On/Off. You can also select Mode Contact or Pass, Type Normally Open or Closed & Stop Ram or Top Stop.

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS

COUNTER SCREEN x 6 (below) Preset Batch Counter 1 shows on main run screen. You can turn On/Off, Reset to O, Set Preset Batch to Count and Current shows strokes leading up to count complete. Same applies to Preset 2. Count Counter 1 & 2 can be used for other devices or to trigger scrap cutters. Maintenance Counter is set by supervisor with level 2 password and countdown shows on this screen and main run screen. Total Life counter can not be reset to track the life of the press.

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS

MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE On screen suggested good housekeeping maintenance schedule teaches and encourages your staff to inspect and maintain the press in sequence &  frequency. SIS / Sutherland Industrial Service recommends that we come in every 6 months to 1 year and give your press our Green-Yellow-Red PM Inspection. This is a comprehensive inspection with a report card grade by color for each key area of your press.

RE-ZERO ENCODER CALIBRATION just got easier. When logged in as Level 2 Supervisor you can Re-Zero the Encoder to actual slide position. On screen instructions allow this procedure to be done in less than 5 minutes.

Sutherland I-PRESS AB PLUS

We hope you found this article interesting. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to know more about the I-PRESS AB PLUS call +1-310-453-6981 or e-mail Info@SutherlandPresses.com

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