INFORMATICS & I-PRESS: The Heart of Automated Metal Stamping Cells

When you make large capital equipment investments, the front end engineering on paper is critical to the long run outcome of productivity & safety. Sure machine specifications and capacities are important, but equally important is the line controller.  Example below is our EHW-660 ton Eccentric Plunger Guided press with 144" x 60" Die Area and a 20,000LB Compact Coil Feeding Line. 

For starters, let's say that the cost of this automated stamping cell is $1,000,000.00. In a multi-shift shop the press could have 10 to 20 times + the initial investment in tooling running in the press. With a $10 to $20 million dollar investment, you owe it to yourself  & your company to protect all of your investments.

INFORMATICS is the science of computer information systems and the interaction between humans and information. The Sutherland solution is the I-PRESS AB PLUS press & automation control. Team Sutherland designed the I-PRESS graphic interface to be the most intuitive and friendly to operate control in the industry.

The MOS / Master Operation Station is the most fully featured control on the market. We take no shortcuts and build each control system to allow end users to add features as they need in the future. A truly scalable control that comes with features that other control builders call options and charge extra for.

 The I-PRESS AB PLUS is quickly becoming the desired industry standard.


While other companies are engineering press controls, they are built by engineers and have complex interface that is common and in many cases over engineered. The beauty of the I-PRESS is that your team can learn the control in less than 15 minutes of hands on training.  The main run screen shown above gives the operator everything they need to know to maximize productivity. Sectional function blocks for easy viewing include: faults & alarms, operational information, drive performance, tonnage, special modes, counters and maintenance countdown counter + the I-PRESS green easy navigation button at the upper left.

The HDP-121 ton below is one of the smallest double point wide bed presses we make. This is one of five presses going to a Fortune 500 company to produce automotive fasteners that runs three shifts, seven days a week.

We have the ability to customize our standard line of presses and application engineers that understand your needs. The HDP-121 shown here has customized lower frame sections to allow conveyors on the left or right side as well as the rear of the press. We also custom machined the bolster for scrap removal and provided under bolster scrap chutes to deflect to scrap exit conveyors.

The name of the game is to listen to our customers and build solutions that work for there applications. After 70 years in business we know how to make a difference. We encourage you to contact Team Sutherland for your upcoming metal stamping or forging operations. 

We can save you & your teams time with our "On Line Meetings". Draw on our wealth of knowledge and share ideas to meet your goals. If you have a wish list, bring it on, if it is not practical or we have other suggestions, we will let you know.

We also offer exceptional financing programs on our full range of presses.

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Mark Sutherland

President of Sutherland Presses, 36 Years - Senior VP of KC Presses, 5 Years

We are the pioneer of Pacific Rim metal forming lines dating back to the late 1950'™s. We are specialist in Metal Forming, Stamping & Forging processing lines.

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