The 1600 ton Sutherland Hot Forge Press below was just signed off and accepted by one of our customers in Mexico. This is a great example of our mid size hot forging presses. Click Here to see our full range of Hot Forge, Cold Forge and Hot Heading Presses.

We are seeing a huge increase in request from forging companies for new press lines around the globe.

Many North American forging companies are stepping away from buying and refurbishing old National, Ajax and Erie presses. When you weigh the cost of new technology vs. old refurbished presses, justification makes sense.

Added features like large side windows that accept servo drive transfer, multi-zone hydraulic ejectors, motorized ram adjustment, modern safe controls, thermal bearing sensors, massive separate clutch & brake make total sense for todays forging companies.

Sutherland Presses Hot Forge

HOT HEADING is yet another business sector that shows positive signs of growth. Sutherland has served the aerospace bolt heading business dating back to the 1960's and we have learned a lot from it. Hot heading of super alloy bolts is more of a science when compared to stamping. Head configuration, soaking temperatures, material flow are just some of the critical factors.            

In 2007 Sutherland designed and built the first FLST / Front Loading Sliding Table 330 ton press. This presses continues to perform flawlessly in California at one of the largest aerospace bolt makers in the world.

The 660 ton (below) is another example of our FLST technology. Our custom FLST bed and sliding table increase production rate from hit to hit. At the same time provides a much safer working space for the operators and better ergonomics.

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Sutherland SP! with FLST Technology

TRIM & SMALL FORGE PRESSES meet the demands of companies like, Stanley Black & Decker, Snap On, Columbus McKinnon, Trenton Forge, Truper and may other companies.

We have options that are ideal for hot operations including heat shielding and custom beds and bolsters for scrap and part removal.

Sutherland Trim Presses


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One of our current builds for a major hand tool maker is our MARK 176 ton Single Point Gap, (3D Shown below). This is a turnkey system that includes, press, custom multi position risers, quick die change, part and scrap exit conveyors. Special attention to heat shielding through the back of the press frame allow conveyors to direct discharge out the rear of the press.        

The line is being built with our I-PRESS AB PLUS press and automation control.        

Sutherland I-PRESS Control

The main run screen (above) is a good example of what end users should expect when it comes to full command press and automation controls. I-PRESS is the most intuitive press control on the market, easy to navigate and has the shortest operator learning curve.

Fault Monitor, Blue Quick Nav-Hot Keys, Clutch & Brake performance, Counters, Tonnage are all visible on the main run screen. If you would like to know more about the I-PRESS AB PLUS just shoot us an e-mail to


Team Sutherland will have a monster booth with 4 presses under power at the upcoming Fabtech Metalform Show, Chicago, November 9th to 12th. This is the largest show in North America for metal forming, fabricating and welding. Be sure to have you team come by the Sutherland Booth # S4343.

We will be showcasing controls of four different versions. I-PRESS AB PLUS, I-PRESS STANDARD, WINTRISS SMART PAC II & KC OMRON RED LABEL. All controls will be fully functional and connected to a specific press.

Click Here for On-Line Registration. Save time, your badge will be ready upon your arrival and you can avoid the lines. See you at the show.

Sutherland Presses

Mark Sutherland, President


Mark Sutherland

President of Sutherland Presses, 36 Years - Senior VP of KC Presses, 5 Years

We are the pioneer of Pacific Rim metal forming lines dating back to the late 1950'™s. We are specialist in Metal Forming, Stamping & Forging processing lines.

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