Based out of California, Sutherland Presses is heading for it's 70th year in business. Three 3 generations, an incredible team of co-workers, knowledgeable distributors and superior service partners, the people make the difference.

Our team of sales and service technicians (photo below) based in Mexico. We have been providing successful metal forming solutions in Mexico for over 4 decades.

Sutherland Presses Team

Our US team of distributors continues to grow in numbers and strength. Our distributors are veterans in the metal forming industry who are professional and bring value to our clients. If you would like our local team to come to your plant for a presentation, just e-mail:

We have a Swat Team / Pit Crew mentality when it comes to sales and service. I am proud to say that we are one of the fastest acting companies in the metal forming and forging industry. Use the following links and try us out.

RFQ / Request a Quote or RFS / Request for Service

Sutherland Presses Team

Another key reason for our success is the women at Sutherland Presses. Jill Sutherland & Sandra Benites are tip of the sword and two of the best marketing and sales women in the industry. In the backroom, we are all supported by Sue Jones, Arlene Luna, Lynie Ueda, Brenda Ellis and Joy Wei. Thank you ladies for all that you do.

Sutherland Presses Women

Our clients are always blown away when they hear a nice friendly voice that knows how to get down to business. Our ladies run circles around most technical salesmen. We are looking to hire women in manufacturing. If you are interested send an e-mail to

Sutherland Presses Men

The men at Sutherland Presses & SIS / Sutherland Industrial Service's come from the roll up your sleeves get it done club. From application review, design drawings, installation to after service, we have the resources to solve problems. A problem well stated is a problem half solved. RFS / Request for Service

Our distributor and service provider training never stops. Not only are we in the field but we bring the latest technology to trade shows around the world for hands on training.

Sutherland Presses Training

We focus on training members of our team to make a difference when they visit customers.  Solutions in metal forming must be well thought out for optimum performance once installed. When you combine our team of sales, service & factory staff, we have over 500 people that make a difference every day. Some say our business is providing metal forming commodities. I beg to differ on this point, the front end application review and design process are key to a successful installation.

Sutherland Presses Team

Credit where credit is due, our factory technicians are a crucial element to our success. We have teams on site and put every piece of equipment through a 200+ point inspection before they are crated and shipped. Certified to Sutherland Standards.

Sutherland Presses Design

Attention to detail every step of the way. We track all phases of design, build, testing, packing, shipping, harbor handling, trucking, rigging, site preparation, start up, training, acceptance and after service. We are the oldest importer of Pacific Rim Presses dating back to 1960. Check out our history.

Click here if you would like to hear what some of our customers have to say

Training, training and more training. Innovation and product education never stop. Photo below is a team of mid-west distributors who also have 6 service trucks on the road.

Sutherland Presses - Mid-West Distributors

If you are interested in becoming part of TEAM SUTHERLAND in sales or service be sure to let us know. If you would like to set up your own business for sales of Sutherland products and services, we can help.

Join the Team

Sutherland Presses Installation

Modern Presses made in modern facilities, take a look at our manufacturing partners plants.

Sutherland Presses Plant

Investing in the future. Our presses are made in some of the most modern facilities in the world. We extend and open invitation to you and members of your team to come and see how we do it. We have the capacity to ship up to 200 presses per month.

Sutherland Presses Plant

Bottom line, we are in it for the long haul. We encourage job seekers who like a challenge and a rewarding good time.

If you read this far, you know that I am proud of the people that make Sutherland Presses what it is today. We welcome working with you when the time is right.

Press On & Forge Ahead

Mark Sutherland, President


See us at the upcoming FABTECH show in Chicago in November 2015.

Mark Sutherland

President of Sutherland Presses, 36 Years - Senior VP of KC Presses, 5 Years

We are the pioneer of Pacific Rim metal forming lines dating back to the late 1950'™s. We are specialist in Metal Forming, Stamping & Forging processing lines.

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